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Office of School Performance and Accountability (OSPA)


    Office of School Performance and Accountability (OSPA)

    The Office of School Performance and Accountability is dedicated to fostering leadership, staff, and students to reach their highest potential.   Schools are grouped into 11 instructional cadres to facilitate school improvement and curricular innovation, as well as support the diversity of Broward County.  In collaboration with other departments, there is a continued focus on the following for all schools:

    • An expert level data-driven culture of collaborative problem-solving, lesson planning, and creation of high yield instructional strategies in every assessed area
    • An effective level method for analyzing academic deficiencies, student by student, via the RtI process in every assessed area
    • A strong relationship with community members (student/adult & internal/external) to promote the highest possible degree of dedication to the leadership and school
    • A constructive relationship among the highest performing schools in their SES band to scale-up BEST practices

    Additionally, the Office of Service Quality, the school operations unit of the division, provides support and assistance to parents and communities, as well as school staff.   This includes field trips, parent and stakeholder concerns, school leasing opportunities, school communications, district policy advisement and revisions, PTA/ PTO and District Advisory, and many other school related needs.